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Piano maintanence - our various services offered

Tuning your piano

Tuning is the adjustment of the tension of all of your piano's 250 or so strings to the correct pitch or frequency. This ensures that notes played in a musical interval (octaves, chords, etc.) will sound in harmony and to ensure that the piano's beautiful tone lasts just as long as you do. The majority of pianos go haywire and deteriorate primarily because they have not been maintained at the proper pitch for a long period of time. It pays to take note that if your piano doesn't sound bad, it still requires tuning, in the similar way a vehicle functioning perfectly needs it's regular service maintanence.

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Piano Repairs and Restoration


Reconditioning, a service designed improve a piano's performance, (keeping in mind both costs and benefits). is the process of returning a piano back in service by repairing, cleaning and adjusting the piano action/structure for close-to-new performance. Parts are replaced only where/when necessary. We usually do this to customers pianos with only moderate wear and tear or those of medium value with average performance requirements. Reconditioning does not involve replacing major components such as the soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and most action parts. This means the performance and life-span of an older piano will not be restored to new, but rather, the piano is "refreshed" and possibly, can get an additional 20-50 years of lifespan on top of it's present state, depending on how it is maintained.

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Buying your piano

In any case,
we do buy used pianos from customers on a standalone basis. You don't have to get a new piano to sell us your used piano. However, because we WILL restore your piano to as new a condition as possible inside (in the interests of it's working/mechanical longevity and appearance) before reselling it, a beat up piano won't be too viable for us as too much work is involved and the end result may not too pleasing.

Not to worry though, as 90% of the time we see a piano that is suitable for restoration and reselling, so just give us a ring and we'll come take a look at your piano free of charge, no obligation


Need to find out the current fair market value of your piano? Call us and we'll evaluate how much your piano is worth, the condition of all it's working parts and it's recommended resale value.