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Every six months, Wee will make his way to Japan to personally inspect, play and select over 90 units of piano at a time for import into Singapore.

We select pianos strictly based on the following criteria:

    • The piano action is clean, fully functional and without any broken parts
    • All parts of the action are have their ORIGINAL or better aftermarket parts that are proven to enhance the performance of the piano
    • Tuning pin torque is good and not loose
    • Strings are NOT rusty/Bass strings must not be dead
    • Tone must be Warm, Lush, Brilliant and yet Singing, with a wide, controllable dynamic range

So here's our sales pitch: The quality of materials used and the care and attention to detail taken in the construction of these handpicked pianos (they almost always end up sounding better than a new Yamaha upright) are very high.

WE GUARANTEE for 5 years that the pianos we sell to you will NEVER EVER present any problems whatsoever, and we are prepared to replace any defective piano that we sell to you with a similar, if not better instrument. Your piano also comes with a 5 year parts guarantee.
Your new piano comes with 2 in-your-home tunings and a pre-delivery preparation. This includes polishing the cabinet, brass componentry, keyboard and minor adjustments of the piano's touch and tone to YOUR liking.

The pianos described below represent one of the best upright pianos of all time and also one of our popular selling models.(Click here to jump to our pianos for sale)

- The Yamaha U1 and U3 Professional Upright Pianos -

Representing the line of Professional Studio uprights, the 121cm tall U1(also called MC10/U10BL) as is the best selling piano of all time to come from Asia. Teachers and professional musicians can attest to their quality, tone and touch of this brilliant instrument. You will find this piano in many Yamaha studios and in almost any home. This piano has been dubbed the original "examination model" and has left nearly ALL piano companies trying to copy it's design to date, sans the Kawai 121/131cm series.

The Yamaha U3 (also called the U30BL) is the U1's bigger sibling with longer strings and bigger soundboard area. This contributes to a more rumbling and thunderous bass, warm, lush tenor and a brilliant treble. These pianos are used when more power and projection is needed. This piano is commonly known as the "upright grand" because the speaking length of it's strings are similar to that of a Yamaha Baby Grand.

Tip: They are only $300-$600 more than a U1 when bought used, as opposed to a price difference of $2000-$3000 when bought brand new.

-The Yamaha Concert Professional Upright series-

The Yamaha "X" series Professional Upright Pianos are for those who want a serious replacement for their small grand pianos. These pianos are a significant jump over the U1 and U3 pianos. They have a star shaped back frame to better balance the overall tension. Hammers are made of a higher quality felt from both Yamaha and Renner of Germany, and the scaling of the strings are a slight improvement from the U series pianos. The action has a more precise feel to it, contributing to a more lively and controlled response. There is a tone escapement slot in the front cover of the cabinet for increased clarity.

The 121cm range includes the YUS, UX1, UX10 and the WX1.

Pianos of the 131cm range include the X, YUA, YUX, UX, UX3, UX30 and the WX3

All the Yamaha are extremely stable and virtually maintanence free apart from the yearly/twice a year tunings and a minor regulation/voicing every few years.

Pianos currently available for immediate purchase - all prices are negotiable!

We carry many, MANY more pianos to suit your budget. You can find below, our current stocklist of pianos in the showroom complete with details of their age, photos and price. Remember, all prices are negotiable!