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The Asia Piano Companys

The Asia Piano Companys a relatively new and small family business run by two people, namely Mr Leonard Soh and Mr Soh Chee Wai (call him "Ah Wee" as he is affectionately refered to by friends and relatives. Starting the business from scratch in an old, humble factory warehouse in Hillview Terrace, we have moved to it's homely showroom in the Singapore Shopping Centre as of May 2003 before. And today, we are located at No. 605A Macpherson Rd #03-07, Citimac Industrial Complex , Singapore 368240. (Junction of Upp Paya Lebar and Macpherson Rd)

 Here at Asia Piano, we offer an alternative kind of customer service.

Our main aim is customer education on pianos (for example, selecting a good piano for yourself, how the piano works, what to look out for in an old piano, servicing the piano and how not to get ripped off.)

We do not intend to upsize our business to the likes of some major music stores but keep it small, quiet and simple. A great advantage of doing this is that we can concentrate more on the needs of the customer. You may not splurge on an expensive high end european piano, but buying any kind of piano is still a sum of money by the thousands and it is of utmost importance that we as a team, help you select the best piano that will suit your needs, likes, and budget. Do browse our webpage, which will describe our various products, services and education facilities, described in detail of course; Lots of text so make sure you stare at the greenery outside your window as recommended after reading this for a substantial amount of time! :) Enjoy your stay!